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Air conditioning need to be serviced regularly at least before the start of the winter and summer seasons If the air conditioner is not service  the dust partials pass  through the blocked filters into the coil causing efficiency to drop and electrical power consumption to increase.

Dirty filters and coils cause bacteria, fungi and other microbes growing on air conditioning coils are a source of bad odours, allergic reactions and can also spread diseases.

When servicing a air conditioner we use a product called CondenCide coil cleaner and disinfectant which will thoroughly clean and disinfect coil and drain pans in air conditioning systems.

 CondenCide is a heavy duty coil cleaner that will not only shift the worst evaporator dirt and grime, but contains a powerful disinfectant to kill virtually all bacteria in under sixty seconds. It is the perfect coil cleaner for indoor units

This gives extra  reassurance the air conditioner is safe and clean to use.


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